We’re glad you’re a partner in our Zabitat Pro+ program. Below, you’ll find all of the necessary tools and information to help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at customer.service@zabitatpro.com, or call us at 616.208.1052. Cheers, and welcome to Enlightened Living.

How To Get Started

You’re In, What’s Next?

Let’s start off by helping you understand what tools are necessary for you to be successful.

See them directly below.

Order Online

Ordering is super easy. Once you’re on the site, it’s as easy as adding a product to your cart and checking out.

The best part? You get a great, discounted price.

Get Support When You Need It

If you need installation or product support, we’re here for you.

We even provide you a specific account specialist to ensure that everything goes right.

Available Resources

Selling Tools

Product catalogs offer you a massive selection of Door Glass, Add-On Blinds, and Door Accessories.

Brochures will give you the best highlighted selling points of each and every product.

Zabitat Installer Business Cards

Referrals are a strategic approach, and business cards are the perfect way to ‘plant the seed’.

Take advantage of this complimentary offer.

Product Samples

Get a real life look at the products you’ll be purchasing.

Available upon request.

Product Brochures

We have a wide range of product brochures. To list a few: Blink, Yale, and Custom Glass.

They’re helpful resources for product availability and pricing.

Zabitat Before/After Books

The ultimate guide to show your customers the difference between the before and after stages of the door transformation process.

Digital Marketing Support

We’re happy to offer you services like: Lead Generation, Social Media, and PPC Management.

Marketing Support

We’re happy to offer you services like: Creative Assets, Sales Flyers, and Design Services.

Sales Programs & Lead Management

You receive a holistic approach for your sales programs and lead management.

Let Zabitat provide you with proven strategies via any channel, digital or traditional.

Merchandising Materials

Take advantage of product displays for your trade show or show room.

Available for purchase.