Glass For Doors

Door Glass Kits are designed to fit either Steel or Fiberglass doors. Steel doors are metal outside with an insulated core. If a magnet sticks to the door, it’s steel. Fiberglass doors are a composite material outside with an insulated core, and can be smooth or have a wood grain texture to resemble wood doors.

YES! With a few simple tools, anyone can remove existing door glass (with raised molding) from their door and replace it with a new door glass kit. Simply follow our video about how to remove glass kits and enjoy the new view!

Refer to the label adhered to the glass for basic instructions.

5/8″ & 7/8″-standard flat bar profiles 11/16″-contoured bar 5/16″-slim line bar

7/8″-Craftsman bar 1-1/8″-traditional bar

All door glass products sold by Zabitat
use tempered safety glass that meets requirements of ANSI Z97.1 (American National Standards Institute). Tempered safety glass is produced using a heat treating process, creating glass that is up to four times as impact resistant as annealed glass (annealed glass is used in residential windows). If broken, tempered glass shatters into many small fragments (like your car windshield), which prevents major injuries.

As door components, door glass kits by themselves are not ENERGY STAR qualified. However, they play an integral part in a door system’s seal and thermal performance, enabling the door system to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.

Low-E is a designation given to glass made with a nearly invisible thin metallic coating that blocks heat flow, making the door glass more energy efficient than clear glass. Low-E glass reduces air conditioning costs by reducing solar transmissions in the summer. In winter, it reduces heat loss to the outside, reduces glass condensation, and allows solar energy to pass inside.

Decorative glass designs are insulated glass panels, featuring a center panel constructed from individual pieces of textured glass and/or bevels, usually held together by a metal band called “caming.” The decorative glass panel is hand-assembled by skilled craftsman to replicate old-world manufacturing and assembly techniques associated with stained glass. Decorative glass pieces often contain bubbles (seeds), wavy lines, color variations, and surface imperfections, which are characteristics of decorative glass and are not considered defects.

SDL, or Simulated Divided Lights, replicate the look of the true divided lights (windows) seen in wood doors and windows. Because SDLs are constructed from a single piece of glass instead of individual, small windows, they are more energy efficient than true divided lights. The external grids for SDLs are wider than standard external grilles and feature a classic profile.

SDL Craftsman grids 7/8″ SDL traditional grids 1-1/8″

Caulk is used on door glass kits to “glaze” or seal the outer frame to the glass and the door. Caulk acts as a weather barrier/sealant to keep out water and air. If the caulk “squeezes out” onto the glass surface, it can be removed by lubricating with Windex original glass cleaner, running a razor scraper or putty knife under the caulk around the perimeter, and peeling off the excess caulk.

Yes. A door using glass can be installed behind a vented storm door. A vented storm door allows air to circulate inside the area between the storm and entry door, preventing excessive heat buildup.

These are screw-hole plugs which are designed to fill the screw-hole “counter sinks” on the interior frame to hide the screw head and provide a clean profile.

Retractable Screens

A retractable screen is constructed similarly to a traditional window roller shade but is installed vertically. The screen’s roll is encased in an aluminum housing that is mounted on the trim of your entry door. When pulling the handle, the screen extends across the entryway providing an unobstructed view and ventilation. Simply disengage the screen and it will easily retract into its housing.

No. Retractable Screens are designed with the DIY consumer in mind.

Yes, you should not operate your screen during freezing temperatures.

Check to make sure that the bottom track is installed square to the screen housing. Ensure that the top track isn’t causing binding of the screen handle. Both tracks must be clean and free of any debris. Make sure track screws are secure, but not too tight. The top track can be lubricated; however the bottom track should not be lubricated as grease can be tracked into your home. The bottom track can be cleaned with furniture polish periodically.

Retractable Screens come sized to fit most doors in the marketplace. Simply measure your door and reference our Measurement Guide for your application. Top and bottom tracks can be trimmed to width; however, tracks are pre-cut to fit the most common sized entry doors.

Yes. Simply measure your door and reference our Measurement Guide for your application. Double French doors require two screens and a double door installation kit.

ODL offers Retractable Screens in three colors (white, bronze, and sandstone) for our standard and tall screens. Short screen frames are available in white. Regardless of the color of the housing and tracks, screen mesh is only available in black.

Add on Blinds

Custom sizes are not available; however Add on Blinds are designed to fit standard half-view and full-view door windows.

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. Add on Blinds do not cause condensation, but are a good indicator of humidity levels that are too high. If your door glass has interior condensation, you may remove the filler strips on each side of the frame to facilitate air circulation. Alternatively, you might choose to reduce the humidity level in your home (for example, reducing or eliminating humidifiers). Condensation does not indicate a defect and will not damage it.

Yes. These blinds are designed for quick and easy DIY installation. Download the Installation Instructions or check out a product video.

The glass can be cleaned with Windex or a similar glass cleaner. Use soap and water and a nonabrasive cloth to clean the frame. You may wish to take the treatment down once a year to clean the inside surface of glass; simply unlatch the clips (pivot outwards) to remove.

Measure the outside glass frame dimensions on your steel or fiberglass door and select the correct size for your door. See our Measurement Guide for more information.

Storm Doors

Measure your door opening height (H) from the top of your doorway to the sill. Next, measure the width from brickmold to brickmold at the top (W1), center (W2), and bottom (W3) of your doorway.

If the width measurements vary, use the smallest measurement for specifying your door size.

We stock the most popular colors and styles, but with the hundreds of options available we can’t stock them all! In-stock items meet our 7-10 day lead time promise, and the special order products take a bit longer.

The fastest and easiest storm door installation on the market. These storm doors are preassembled for installation in about 1 hour with minimal tools. Handle holes are pre-drilled and there is no cutting, minimal drilling and virtually no measuring required. This feature is available on Contemporary Interchangeable Full View, Contemporary Deluxe Interchangeable Full View, Contemporary Deluxe Fixed Full View Laminated, and Contemporary Full-Lite Single Vent Storm Doors.

Low-E glass is 29% more energy efficient than standard glass (when comparing center glass values), so it increases the energy efficiency of your entryway.**

Apply a mild detergent and water solution to glass using soft cloth or brush. If a heavier cleaning is needed, you should remove the loose debris from the glass with a soft, dry cloth. Then apply a cleaning solution of mild soapy water + vinegar or a liquid window cleaner, and wipe in a circular motion. Next you should remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee or a clean, lint-free cloth.

Besides general cleaning and care, you should ensure that all moving parts of your Storm Door are lubricated with a multi-purpose dry lubricant spray. Oily lubricants or harsh abrasive cleaners are NOT recommended.

No. According to Andersen’s testing if the wind is strong enough to pull the closers out of the storm door or doorjamb, the wind chain will almost certainly also fail, causing more damage to the storm door and doorjamb than if it were not present. Care should be taken when operating the door in windy conditions.

Applying reflective or decorative film to your Andersen® Storm Door is not recommended.

To paint your storm door, please determine which type of storm door you have. All Andersen® Storm Doors sold on may be painted.
Follow these instructions for re-painting your Andersen Aluminum Storm Door:
• Lightly sand the door with a 300- to 500-grit wet/dry sandpaper, just enough to roughen the surface. Do not sand to bare metal.
• Clean the door with a mild solution of soap and water. Rinse and let dry thoroughly. Wipe the storm door with a clean, dry, soft cloth to remove any dust or residue.
• Use a spray paint, or spray automotive paint.
• Apply paint in multiple light coats, making certain to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Some automotive body shops will also custom paint aluminum storm and screen doors. Please check your local listings to locate one in your area.

Probable Cause: Your storm door closer is improperly adjusted.
1. Locate adjustment screw on the end of closer that attaches to the door.
2. Open door, then let it close to note current closing speed.
3. Use Phillips-head screwdriver to adjust closer to desired speed.
A. For faster closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the left (1/4 turn counterclockwise).
B. For slower closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the right (1/4 turn clockwise).
C. Test door (open it, then let it close) after each 1/4 turn of the screw, and adjust screw further if needed until desired speed is achieved.
4. If the closer doesn’t have enough power after completing steps 1-3, it could be from improper pre-set of the closer. To help this condition, re-attach to the inner hole of the closer.

If you have two closers;
1. Unhook top closer by removing pin that attaches it to the door bracket.
2. Adjust bottom closer to desired speed.
3. Reattach top closer.
4. Unhook bottom closer by removing pin that attaches it to the door bracket.
5. Adjust top closer to desired speed.
6. Reattach bottom closer.
Both closers should now be working in harmony at the desired speed.

Push-button closers use a button located on the cylinder to hold the storm door in the open position. To operate your push-button closer, open the door and tap the button with your toe to lock the door in place. To close the door, push the door open a few inches past the current position to release the lock and let it close. View the YouTube® video here.

The typical opening range of a storm door is between 80º and 90º.
A storm door that does not open between the 80° / 90° opening range may be the result of the following factors:
• Installation of the closer
• Location of the closer door bracket on the door panel
• Location of the closer jamb bracket on the entry door frame (jamb)
• Position of the entry door from side-to-side in the opening
• Style of entry door system the storm door is installed into

If your door is not opening and closing properly or doesn’t latch completely when closed, just follow these steps to adjust:
• Locate adjustment screw on the end of closer that attaches to the door.
• Open door, then let it close to note current closing speed.
• Use Phillips-head screwdriver to adjust closer to desired speed.
o For faster closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the left (1/4 turn counterclockwise).
o For slower closing speed, turn adjustment screw to the right (1/4 turn clockwise).
• Test door (open it, then let it close) after each 1/4 turn of the screw, and adjust screw further if needed until desired speed is achieved.
If the closer doesn’t have enough power after completing steps 1-3, it could be from improper pre-set of the closer. To help this condition, re-attach to the inner hole of the closer.

You can find the directions on installing the hardware included in the Installation Instructions for your Storm Door. These files are also available on each of our Storm Door product pages under the Installation Instruction tab.

Door closers on Andersen® storm doors are pneumatic and operate using compressed air (not oil). An oily or greasy residue on the closer rod may be lubricant, dirt, debris or condensation on the closer rod.To remove any residue, simply wipe off the closer rod using a clean cloth or paper towel. Periodically cleaning your closer and closer rod will help to reduce the build-up of dirt or debris.

With Andersen’s patented Quick Change system, simply push the activation button up, flip up the handle and gently hold the panel to release, carefully remove and install the new panel and return handle to original position. This system allows you to switch from full glass to full insect screen in seconds. The Quick Change Insect Screen is available on Andersen Contemporary Deluxe Interchangeable Full View Storm Doors.

This insect screen provides three times the holding strength* than our Andersen® aluminum insect screens. It delivers the maximum ventilation of a Full View door with a minimal center mullion bar for maximum durability. This screen type is available on the Contemporary Deluxe Interchangeable Full View Storm Doors.

This innovative system provides maximum strength and security with separate locking mechanisms built into the top, middle and bottom of the doorframe for added peace of mind. This feature is only available on the Contemporary Deluxe Fixed Full View with Laminated Safety Glass.

Your latch-side z-bar may have been cut incorrectly during installation.

• Locate the instruction guide provided with the door.
• Locate the serial number on the hinge-side of the door.
• Every storm door has a silver tag on the hinge edge of the storm door, which contains the door’s unique serial number.
If your storm door has a single, continuous piano hinge, this tag will be located on the part of the hinge that is attached to the storm door, at either the top or the bottom of the hinge.If your storm door has four individual hinges, this tag will be located near the top or bottom hinge, on the part that is attached to the house.

Contact Zabitat at 1-855-813-3111

We do our best to have enough inventory available for our customers, but occasionally we underestimate the popularity of an item. If this occurs, we are happy to automatically place any items that can be re-ordered on backorder for you. If the estimated ship date is not acceptable to you, we will work with you to either find an item that is in-stock and available for immediate shipment or cancel your order.For any backorder here’s how we’ll keep you up-to-date:
• For any item on your order that is unavailable for shipment, but expected to be available within 30 days, you will receive an e-mail Order Status Update.
• For any item that we have been unable to fulfill within 30 days of your order, our Customer Service Team will contact you with your options.
• If you need more information about backordered items, please contact our Customer Service Team.

*Compared to Andersen® aluminum insect screens
**Comparing center glass values of standard glass with Low-E glass.

Yale Locksets and Deadbolts

The average DIY’er can approach lock installation with ease. Estimate about 15 minutes for the installation of an Entry, Deadbolt, Passage, Privacy, or Dummy. An Entry Handleset can be installed in approximately 30 minutes. When installing a handleset or an entry lock with a deadbolt on the same door, take the time to align the locks so that the deadbolt locks freely when the door is shut normally.

NOTE: Doors with pre-drilled holes contribute to ease-of-installation. If a door is not pre-drilled, it may be more practical to have installation performed by a Zabitat installer. Check if Installed Services are available in your area.

Check the Specification Tab for the product you wish to install. Doors have a variety of thicknesses. Standard thickness is usually 1-3/8” or 1-3/4”, and most Yale Locks work with these dimensions. There are also Extension Kits available for door thicknesses of 2 to 2-1/4″.

Most locks require only a Phillips head screwdriver for installation. A handleset will require a drill and drill bit in addition to the screwdriver. Please refer to the installation sheet supplied with the lockset to make sure you have all the necessary tools.

Each Yale Lockset family is available in an assortment of finishes: US3 – Polished Brass, US5 – Antique Brass, US26 – Chrome, US26D – Satin Chrome, US15A – Antique Nickel, US15 – Satin Nickel, TB – Textured Black, GM – Gun Metal, US10B – Oil Rubbed Bronze, US10BP – Oil Rubbed Bronze Permanent.

In most cases, NO. The chassis components are different in knob and lever products. Yale levers contain additional springs to help avoid having the additional weight which causes the levers to sag downward or droop. We suggest replacing the entire assembly from a knob to a lever.

The handing of a door is always determined by facing the exterior of a door.
• If the hinge is on the left side of the door, the door is left handed (LH).
• If the hinge is on the right side of the door, the door is right handed (RH).
Not all products require specific handing (look for the non-handed units), and a product with handing will be indentied in the product name and specifications.

The term “ Center-to-Center” generally refers to the measurement or spacing between 2 face bores on a door. This is for doors that will have a bore for a deadbolt as well as an operating lock. It is referred to as “ Center-to-Center” because the measurement is made from the center point of the bottom bore hole to the center point of the top bore hole.

Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners on any components as this will destroy the protective clear coat finish and void the warranty. Please use a water dampened soft cloth to remove fingerprints, a mild soap solution applied with a soft cloth will remove oil or accumulated dirt build-up.
Note: Avoid products that state on the label that they remove tarnish and rust, contain acids or caustic agents.

The Yale Lifetime Limited Warranty is one of the most extensive in the industry. It warrants against all defects in workmanship, materials and operation for our Residential line of products (Yale Design Elements, Yale YH Collection, Yale New Traditions, and Interconnected Series) for as long as such lockset is used by the original end user of the product.

Any lock meeting ADA Guidelines will be indicated as such in the Specification tab on the product page.

These are certification standards ratings developed for the U.S. that provide an easy reference to the strength, security, and durability of a lock. In other words, a Grade 3 lock is not as strong as a lock rated at Grade 2. As an example, for a lock to pass Grade 3 standards it must endure 200,000 cycles of opening and closing where as a Grade 2 lock must pass 400,000 cycles. The strength is also tested in increased severity as applied to forced entry through a door.

“Yale Real Living” residential keypad deadbolts have been engineered, utilizing proven technology, to meet strict ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 standards.

It is easy to change the preset six-digit programming code at any time. Note: the factory set programming code must be changed before any user codes can be added. Refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions for complete details or view the programming video on

For added security, a valid 4 to 8 digit programming code must be entered in order to add, delete or change a user or the programming code. In order to prevent unauthorized changes, the programming code should not be shared and a record of all the codes should be kept in a safe place.

“Yale Real Living” keypad locks have advanced features that provide the option of changing all of the codes for maximum security. To change all codes, including the programming code, follow these steps:

  1. Change the programming code
  2. 2. Delete ALL user codes
  3. 3. Add NEW user codes

Refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions for complete details or view the programming video on

The factory preset code label can be found in the Programming/Operating Instructions.  If the programming code has been changed and is unknown, it is necessary to reset the lock to factory settings. For instructions on how to reset the lock to original preset settings, please refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions.

Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts are designed to fit most standard doors.  In most cases, “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts can be installed in under 30 minutes using only a screwdriver; no additional holes need to be drilled into the door. If the door has not already been prepped for a deadbolt lock, please go to and download the proper template to prepare the door.

“Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts are designed to fit both right-handed and left-handed doors and will electronically set the correct handing during the initial set-up process.  For instructions on how to change the handing of the lock, please refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions or visit

The batteries are expected to last up to one year under normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures may affect battery performance. If the battery is low, a series of warning beeps will sound and the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt will also provide you with a visual low battery warning after a valid code has been entered. The lock operates as normal immediately following the alerts. The critical battery indicator causes the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt to flash red and the lock does not operate. The mechanical key can be used to unlock the lock under these conditions. Replacing the battery once every year is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, the “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts can be re-keyed to match existing keys, providing “One-Key Convenience.”

We are aware that an individual has demonstrated how he was capable of manipulating a Yale deadbolt, thereby creating a potential security lapse.  We take all such assertions and demonstrations regarding our products extremely seriously. As we all know, no lock/deadbolt is, or could claim to be, completely invulnerable to all forms of attack, especially when a person has the time, skill, and knowledge to do so. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have developed a part that adds an additional amount of security to the deadbolt . If you would like to see if your lock may be eligible  for this upgrade, please click here.

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Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners on any components as this will destroy the protective clear coat finish and void the warranty. Please use a water dampened soft cloth to remove fingerprints, a mild soap solution applied with a soft cloth will remove oil or accumulated dirt build-up.
Note: Avoid products that state on the label that they remove tarnish and rust, contain acids or caustic agents.

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Click on the Guaranteed Fit badge on the product page of the product you want to purchase, which will open the submission tab. Fill out the fields along with attaching a photo of the entry where the product will be installed. Our Technical Product Team will determine if your entry can accommodate the product you selected, and you will receive an email with their determination within 1 business day.

The Guaranteed Fit Program is intended to assist you in selecting the right product the first time. It is not a requirement to purchase. Any eligible product purchase that was not submitted for approval will have return shipping charges and restocking fees, as noted in our Shipping & Returns Policy, deducted from their refund.

Guaranteed Fit Products may still be purchased after Zabitat’s Technical Product Team has disqualified your submission. However, you will be responsible for return shipping charges and restocking fees, as stated in our Shipping & Returns Policy, if the item is returned.

You sure can! Head on over to our Guaranteed Fit Program page and let our product experts help you find the right product for your entryway. You can also work with our Design Services Team, and let them help create the entryway of your dreams!

Trimmable Door Slab

We only offer door slabs for exterior doors. We have several options to choose from, take a look here.

Zabitat carries ODL Doors which are the industry standard 1 ¾” thick.

Since ODL Doors offered by Zabitat can be trimmed and fabricated to fit most exterior entry door openings, it most often is not necessary to deconstruct the trim and frames when using an ODL Door. For that reason we do not offer jamb kits.

The primary difference between steel and fiberglass doors are the construction material of the touchable surfaces, known as the door skins. Fiberglass doors are constructed from high density fiberglass which will not rust, is more resistant to dents and provides better insulation than steel.

ODL Doors are uniquely constructed to allow the door to be trimmed to fit the door opening. The width is trimmable by up to ½” and the height can be trimmed by up to 1″. Our customer service team can help you determine if Zabitat offers a door for your application.

ODL Doors require finishing within 2 weeks of installation. Failure to properly finish the door within 2 weeks of installation will void the warranty.

It is best to use a high quality exterior Latex paint for your door slab.

Measure from the upper right-hand corner of the opening to the bottom left-hand corner. Note the dimension. Now, measure from the upper left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner of the opening and note the dimension. The difference between the two dimensions should not exceed 1/4″ to achieve proper door slab fit.

Measure the distance from the exterior edge of the door to the edge of the hinge. This distance is known as the hinge backset. Provided the existing door opens and closes without issue, the hinges should be installed on the new slab with the same backset that exists on the old slab.

A stile refers to the vertical structure portion of the door.

The ODL Door line offered by Zabitat is constructed with edge materials that allow the door to be trimmed to size using standard power tools. The handle-side edge of the door can be beveled by 2 or 3 degrees to alleviate rubbing without increasing the gap size.

ODL Doors are not available with hinge locations pre-mortised, however we offer professional installation services or detailed installation instructions for DIYers.

ODL Doors are sold with a white or bronze door sweep. New door levers, deadbolts, and weather stripping are sold separately at, or your existing hardware can be reused.

If the wood components of your door framing are solid (free of rot) and the opening is square and plumb, most often it is not necessary to incur the extra expense and hassle of deconstructing and replacing the door frame, sill and trim. The vast majority of doors sold in the U.S. are universal sizes, making it practical to replace only the door itself.

Storm doors are designed to fit on majority of existing doors. Adding a storm door provides a lot of great benefits including enhancing the look of the door, adding sunlight and venting options, and increasing energy efficiency. Take a look at our storm door options here:

I ordered my product with Zabitat installation. How do I schedule the installation?

Our Installed Services Team will contact you for an available time for the measure and installation of your product.

If for some reason you have a question or problem with the Installation, please call Zabitat Installed Services at (855) 813-3111.

The Installation time frame varies due to product, but estimated timeframes are listed on our Installed Services page. It is always best to ask the Zabitat Installed Services Team member when the appointment is being scheduled, so that you are fully prepared for your scheduled appointment.

Yes, all of our Installers are required to maintain proper liability insurance. In addition, Zabitat carries an umbrella liability insurance policy.

You can locate installation instructions for all products on the Installation Instruction tab for your product.

We’ve done our absolute best to provide the information you need from How-to videos to installation instructions to get you through the installation of your product. However if you aren’t finding what you need, please call Zabitat Customer Support at (855) 813-3111.

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