Home Makeover: Entryways Edition – Transform Your Front Door

Being a homeowner is a lot of fun. But it’s also a lot of work. Keeping things updated with the latest trends is a non-stop rotation of projects throughout the entire home. One project that doesn’t make the remodel list enough is upgrading the entryway. Most think that entryways can’t be upgraded without a major overhaul, but the truth is, there are some pretty simple things you can do that can give your door way a completely new look that will blow you away. Let’s take a look the best ways to makeover that entryway.

Top Ways to Enhance your Entryway

The entrance to your home is one of the most important aspects of your homes curb appeal. It’s the very first impression as you arrive so there’s emphasis on making the most of the space to really welcome guests to your dwelling. The good news is, we specialize in entryways, so we’ve compiled a quick hit-list of DIY projects to tackle that will make your entryway better than ever. Ready to get started?

Transformation Tuesday: Door Glass Inserts

Entryways are a big part of the home. It’s the first thing people see as they approach and one of the highest traffic areas that exists. This spot can make or break the impression your home makes, so it’s important to get it right and make the most of this unique space. That’s why we’re so focused on making sure you have everything you need to get the most out of your entrance. This #TransformationTuesday we’re showing off some of the amazing ways we’ve helped homeowners transform their doors using door glass inserts to capitalize on their entryways.

Transformation Tuesday: Door Makeovers

This #TransformationTuesday, we’re showing off how great your entryway can look by adding (or replacing) decorative glass for your door. Most people don’t know that you can cut a hole in your door and put really nice glass in it. And it’s actually a lot easier than you’d ever imagine. Most people can tackle this project in under and hour and it’s incredible the difference it makes to your entire entryway. Need some proof? Checkout these incredible door transformations using decorative door glass.

Transformation Tuesday: Replacing Door Glass Inserts

Previously we’ve talked about how easy it is to completely transform your entryway by adding decorative door glass. But what we didn’t talk about is how it’s even easier to replace existing glass for a whole new look! Maybe you already have glass in your door, but it’s outdated, fogged, or doesn’t match your home the way you imagined. With our door glass inserts, you’re able to pop that old glass out and insert a new decorative glass. This project takes less than an hour and give you that entryway of your dreams! Checkout how some of our customers have completely transformed the look of their front door by replacing their door glass inserts!

Real Life Door Transformations

Replacing a door is hard. There’s is typically a lot more involved than just swapping it off the hinges. Getting a new door to fit just right in an existing frame is not an easy task. Put that together with how expensive exterior doors can cost, the project of upgrading an entryway becomes a little more involved than most would like.

At Zabitat, we wanted to create a solution to make front door enhancements easier than ever. That’s why we’ve introduced door glass inserts, the easy and intuitive way to completely transform your entryway. Adding a piece of glass to your door is simple, cost effective, and quick! By adding a piece of glass to your existing door, or replacing an existing piece of glass in your door, you are able to completely change the appearance of your front door and entryway without going through a major project of replacing the entire door. Use the door you have, just remodel it!

6 Ways To Control Your Home’s Privacy

Privacy control can be a big topic for homeowners, especially for those who live in neighborhoods and suburbs that have houses somewhat close to each other. Being able to control the amount of privacy your home has is important for your comfort while being at home (or away from home). We’ve looked at some of the best ways to control your homes privacy and we’re hear to share the tricks of the trade.

How to Modernize your Entryway

Entryways are the focal point of your home. It sets the mood and tone for your experience throughout the rest of the home. Updating your entryway may seem like a huge overhaul and pricey adventure. But there are some great ways to update and modernize your entryway to make it unique without breaking the bank. Our approach is to get the best bang for your buck to really make that entryway pop. Here are some great ideas and tips to get you started on the entryway of your dreams.

Transformation Tuesday: Adding Decorative Glass

There are few things that are more satisfying than completing an awesome home improvement project. Putting in a little sweat equity into a project and seeing the final enhancements is an incredible feeling and even addicting at times. One of our favorite projects to talk about is upgrading your entryway. In less than an hour, new decorative glass can be installed in your door and completely transform the look of your entryway. It’s less expensive and significantly faster than replacing an entire door. Plus, this upcycle keeps your door to good use instead of ending up in a landfill. Let’s checkout some amazing door transformations for this Transformation Tuesday.

Cadence Door Glass

Zabitat Staff Picks: Our Favorite Door Transformations of 2016

One of our favorite things we love here at Zabitat is getting to witness so many amazing door transformations over the course of the year. All around the country, our customers are giving their entryways an upgrade with our premium home improvement products. To celebrate the end of 2016, we’ve put together our favorite door transformations of the year. From decorative door glass to enclosed blinds, you’re going to love these transformations!